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Slow Cooker Roast Chook & Broth


Slow Cooker Roast Chook & Broth


September 26, 2015


1 whole organic free range chicken

2 tablespoons of grass-fed butter, ghee or coconut oil

1 lemon and a small bunch of fresh herbs - like rosemary or thyme (optional)

A good pinch of Sea Salt

Filtered water

1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar

2 bay leaves (optional)


Using a sharp knife, prick the lemon all over then place the lemon and herbs inside the chicken's cavity.

Put the butter in the bottom of the slow cooker and then place the chicken on top. Sprinkle some salt all over the chicken.

Pop the lid on and cook on low for 4 - 8 hours or until cooked through. As every slow cooker cooks differently, you will need to take note the first time you cook it. Our's takes 6 hours.

To make the Broth -

Simply remove all of the meat from the bones and then pop the bones back into the slow cooker. (There is no need to clean the pot either - simply leave all the juices from the cooked chicken in the bottom of the pot).

Then add enough filtered water to cover everything but leave approximately an inch from being completely full.

Put the apple cider vinegar and bay leaves in and then place the lid on. Cook on low for 12 hours.

Pour the broth through a strainer and discard the bones/solids. Store in glass jars. The broth will last in the fridge for a few days or the freezer for a few months.