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Kids Party Food Ebook


“We are so happy to share with you our all-time favourite kids party food recipes.”


We believe that kids parties do not have to be over the top, expensive or fuelled with crazy sugar highs. They CAN be fun, inexpensive and most importantly FREE from refined sugar and fake foods!

Children deserve to party with wholesome real food and this eBook will show you exactly how to do that!

We have filled this eBook with super tasty recipes that are simple to make and taste amazing! You will find a selection of sweet, savoury and drink recipes, so that your next party is guaranteed to be stress-free and loads of fun.  There are also plenty of grain-free, gluten-free, egg-free and nut-free options to cater for allergies.

There are no hard to find superfoods, just real food ingredients.

Join our revolution and together lets teach our children how to party with real food!


“I love the simplicity of Organic Sisters recipes. I can pick up a recipe, find the ingredients and quickly prepare delicious, real food for my family. I am delighted to find that the recipes in the Kids Party Food eBook are no exception! In the past I’ve found preparing for my daughter’s birthday party a blur of stress as I search for ingredients and struggle to cook new recipes. The simplicity of these recipes for making fun and nutritious birthday treats is a dream come true.”

– Sheena


“This ebook is full of simple, family-friendly recipes, that no doubt our entire family (not just the kids) will enjoy!  It’s so helpful and refreshing to have somewhere to go to find wholesome, easy, real food recipes to enjoy as a family.  I can’t wait to give these recipes a try!”

– Danielle


“I have been busting at the seams waiting for the release of this new Kids Party Food eBook. Finally, the wait is over…It is beautifully presented and the recipes are so easy to understand.  This is definitely a book that I will use at every Birthday Party.  Simple, easy recipes with no nasty ingredients that I’m sure all Mum’s and Dad’s will appreciate.  Another one to add to my Organic Sister’s collection – Thank you once again for your  creations!”



“I’ve always loved the simple, healthy and delicious recipes from Organic Sisters and I’m excited to say that once again they have delivered another must have cook book with their Kids Party Food e-book. Now that we have a child of our own my husband and I don’t even need an excuse to whip up these beautiful recipes and I know our next birthday party will be a knockout with these tasty delights. Thanks Organic Sisters!