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Hope For Health

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We are very excited to announce that 10% of every Organic Sisters ebook purchase over the next week will be going to HOPE FOR HEALTH.

The vision for Hope For Health is a simple one – Vibrant Health for the Yolngu people through empowerment, nutrition and Traditional knowledge

Earlier this year we were lucky enough to meet these 12 brave women from Elcho Island, who are living examples of positive health transformation through nutrition and healing. After attending a 2 week health retreat back in April 2015, they are now dedicated to their journey of better health and vitality. They have a long term vision, to open a Health Retreat for their own people, so that the vitality of their own people can be returned.  Their story is one that MUST be heard.


You can read more about these incredible women here.

Hope for Health needs funding, friends and partners across the country who share this vision, support the passion and want to stand with the efforts of these courageous people.  We are honoured to be official ambassadors for Hope For Health and we are committed to sharing their story and helping to raise the funds needed to establish the much needed Health Retreat. Please visit the HOPE FOR HEALTH website to read more of their incredible story and vision.

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