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12 ways to help your kids love healthy food

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One of the questions we get asked the most is – “How do you get your kids to love healthy food?”

So we decided to get together and write down all of the things that have helped us transition our families to a real food lifestyle.

Getting children to eat the food you have lovingly prepared can sometimes send you around the bend – We know, we’ve been there and it is not fun! We really hope that these ideas can help you in some small (or big) way.

Cook together – Prepare and cook food as a family. This is the main reason our children enjoy eating a wide variety of healthy foods and why it’s at the top of our list.

Have fun – Make cooking a happy experience. Cook on the weekends or when you have more time so you are present in the moment and don’t have to rush out the door.

Teach and talk – Children naturally want to learn so talk to them about food. Teach them about where food comes from, it’s nutritional benefits and why it’s so important to cook and eat healthy and fresh food.

Grow your food – Garden with your kids so they can understand the food cycle and see food in its natural state. This experience is incredibly valuable and fun for everyone. Your kids will be excited to eat what they’ve grown themselves.

Variety – Mix it up! Don’t be afraid to try new foods or unusual combinations. As adults we sometimes get set in our ways and unconsciously pass our habits onto our children. Be adventurous!

Persistence – This is a biggie! Never stop serving a specific food just because your child refuses to eat it at first. Don’t make a big deal of it just put it on their plate often and one day they will surprise you. It may take weeks or even months but they will eventually become curious enough to try it.

Pack lunches together – Get your kids to help pack their own lunchbox. It’s all about empowering them to make their own healthy choices. Do it the night before to reduce the stress/rush in the morning.  We have loads of lunchbox recipes that will make packing lunches much less stressful for you and your family in our lunchbox food ebook.

Meal Plan – Get as organised as possible and involve your children in the decision making process. Ask them to be responsible for choosing a meal and helping to prepare it at least one night a week.

Be cool – Stay calm at meal times and remember that eventually your children will learn to love healthy food; you just need to be patient and persistent.

Family Meals – Make a commitment to enjoy at least one meal a day together (or aim for as frequently as your schedule allows). Talk about food, connect about your day and remember if your kids will talk to you about the small things then they will talk to you about the big things.

Lead by example – If you want your children to love healthy food then you need to love it too.  Clear your home of the things you don’t want them to eat. When the temptations are removed it makes healthy choices easier for everyone.

A few extra handy tips that we have learnt over the years:

Mini Me – Make ‘mini’ versions of recipes/food and get the little ones to help. For example: Mini cupcakes, mini muffins, mini chicken bites or mini shepherds pies.  Try this recipe for mini muffins or for a sweeter version try these Almond & Raspberry & Coconut Muffins

Share – You know how your children always want to eat from your plate? Well why not try a share plate? Serve your meal on a large plate, platter or board and dig in together. This works best for meals that are less messy but then again what’s a little mess if it means the plate is clean.  This is a great share plate recipe that we make all of the time

Get creative – Use shape cutters. Ask the kids to pick out their favourites and make novelty shapes with food. Start with something easy like banana pancakes or eggs. Then take it up a notch and use them to make veggies fun. Capsicum stars always make an appearance on our plates!


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  1. Janelle says:

    Love this article! I really love all your recipes/posts. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Brenda says:

    Thank you! This is amazing. I will finish my heal coach certificate in October and my target is mummies with little babies. I believe here is where we can do huge changes!!! I’m so sad to read that rates in children with diabetes continue increasing.
    I will add another step “avoid commercial television” it is full of advertisements of crap food.
    Thank you again girls
    Love your work

    • Organic Sisters says:

      Thank you for your kind words Brenda :) Congratulations on your study! And yes, we agree, commercial television is full of advertisements for crap food!
      Brooke & Sal x

  3. Lara says:

    Such great advice Brooke and Sal as always :) Thanks for sharing your tips. We will definitely be incorporating these suggestions with our one year old daughter because we really want her to grow up loving healthy food and understanding where it comes from.


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